6 one way – half a dozen the other

STDs, STIs, and VDs – are all terms that stand for the same thing: diseases or infections that can be transmitted through sexual contact. STDs (which is the most popular term used) stands for Sexually Transmitted Diseases, STI is Sexually Transmissible Infection and VD is short for Venereal Disease. Call them what you will but either…(I-ther) way…they need to be treated the same way – with quick response. If you have had unprotected sex recently and do not know for sure if your other sex partner has an STD (STI or VD) or not – then you need to get tested to make sure you haven’t contracted anything yourself. No need to wait until you have or see any symptoms either – some of these diseases and/or infections may not even create any symptoms at all. Some remain dormant while others attack your internal organs and sometimes, by waiting until you “feel bad”, have already done irreparable damage. So whether you say tomAto and I say tomato – you need to get tested asap…and you can do so here.