Affairs and STDs

Sexual health does not just affect you. It affects everyone you have ever slept with. This is important to consider when you are married or in a committed relationship and having an affair. It especially important for men having an affair because women will routinely get tested for basic STDs including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and HIV when they get a yearly female exam.

A lot of problems will ensue for a man who is having an affair when his girlfriend, fiancé, or wife is told she has an STD and she knows she has not been unfaithful. Now, not I am condoning affairs in any way, but in order to protect yourself as well as an unsuspecting wife, fiancé, or girlfriend please consider getting tested if you are having an affair. offers confidential testing services at a variety of Patient Service Centers (PSCs) that are convenient for you. This way you can avoid your family doctor and PSCs provide a wide range of testing services, so no one will know you are there for an STD test.