Are You a Love Master?

A while back I posted about “wouldn’t it be nice if there were some ultimate couple’s relationship guideline book that everyone knew about and abided by.” Well, it’s not a book but rather a study that was recently done by scientists at the Relationship Research Institute in Seattle that set a guideline. (Who knew such a place existed!?!)

It’s pretty straight forward and not to in-depth (just a page) but it gives great basic advice and I wanted to pass it along to you:

Lessons from the love masters

And if you’re not at the stage in your life where you’re looking for love in a relationship and just enjoy having sex, then my best advice is to be honest with yourself and with you partner. The article talks about friendship and sharing, well…STD’s are certainly something you DO NOT need to or should even think about sharing. And when it comes to the STD part and you, you can rest easy, because getting checked couldn’t be any easier. is a convenient and confidential STD testing site to help ease your worries about STDs, and it is something you and your partner can even do together, especially…if you are “in love”.