Are You Faking to Keep Your Man?

It happens – we all know it – women fake orgasms. There’s even a Wikipedia page dedicated to it for which I had no idea…that plus the fact that faking an orgasm was popularized by a poet, Ovid, who wrote about it in his elegy, Ars Amatoria, way back in human history when everyone was describing their time as CE (Common/Current Era) and BCE (Before Current Era…or Before the Christian Era).

But the reasoning behind a woman faking an orgasm, is not always that simple and a new study finds another surprising answer: To keep her man from cheating. You can read all about here. And for some great tips regarding how to avoid this (men)…read this article Why Do 75% of Women Fake Orgasms. The number one tip – Communication. Yes, it’s true – we know it’s not easy to talk about sex, especially orgasms, and at first it might be embarrassing and/or feel uncomfortable…but like discussing STDs, talking about what pleases you and your sexual health status is a must for a healthy and beneficial relationship. And if your guy can’t handle that, then perhaps it’s time to stop faking.