To Chop or Not to Chop – Circumcision and STDs

circumcisionWell apparently this is a very touchy subject. A subject in which this writer had no clue until this report from the CDC came out stating that indeed circumcision can cut a man’s risk from STD transmission especially HIV by up to 50-60 percent when engaged in sex with an infected female partner. Since that report however, the comments have been flying left and right all over on the web. There are even anti-circumcision advocate groups out there fighting to make sure you don’t have this procedure done to your newborns. Seriously? Wow, who knew?

My take on it  is anything that helps to reduce the spread of such a terrible life-threatening virus seems rational to me – I mean why not? Just because some believe it brings more sensation during sex down there when you keep it? I mean really, how are we ever going to know that? I’ve yet to meet a circumcised guy yet who said “yeah she was good, I suppose, but I really didn’t feel much pleasure down there – wish I still had my foreskin.”  That’s why there will never be a conclusive research study on that subject as sexual sensation and experience is very, very biased. Are there more nerves with the foreskin left on? Seems that is a no-brainer but your brain does adapt to whatever you have…or don’t have in this case which is why you want the procedure done early. Besides, we all live in a modern technological age now where I’m sure a robot could easily perform the circumcision task with ease. On that note, we are also able to live long healthy pleasurable lives without our appendix (actually a funny article link there), a lung, a kidney and even part of our liver as well – is all that then mutilation too?

Whatever the case may be it is obvious that circumcision will always be a parent’s preference/decision depending on what they were taught and brought up with…which is totally fine. But to those out there that say the foreskin is a natural part of the body and we are mutilating our kids if we get it cut off – I say fooey – and I give you this little scenario:  As Americans (and other parts of the world as well), many parents force their children to go through enduring pain, sometimes even for years, while they are completely aware of it and for what? Straight teeth. That’s right, braces. So where is the anti-straight teeth advocate group? It is completely natural for many of our teeth to come in crooked and jagged and cause a whole host of issues and I’m not even going to get into our wisdom teeth and what happens with them and then the whole Cleft Lip scenario – why not just leave those alone too? Children and teenagers that had braces (to which I was one as well) experience pain that is unbearable at times. Circumcision well, I have no recollection of that and I would assume no other man out there does either that had the procedure done to them as a newborn (unless you are the movie character Powder but I digress).

So to chop or not to chop – leave it up to the parents but please don’t scream and shout at them if they did have their child circumcised…unless of course you have crooked teeth and/or a cleft lip…then we just might entertain your 2-cents. So I’ll leave you now with the “tennis match” of my favorite comments from this whole social debate that I suppose will never die and remember no matter if you are cut or uncut – be safe and responsible out there – use condoms and regularly get tested for STDs:

  • Web

This is TOTAL nonsense. Circumcision is a cruel and needless operation born, depending on which culture you look at, of religious fanaticism, germ hysteria or greed on the part of M.D.s — it needs to be outlawed altogether except in cases of imminent medical emergency for anyone under the legal age. The vast majority of people are NOT circumcised and get along with all associated bodily functions just fine. It is primarily the U.S., Israel and the Islamic world that are obsessed with this barbaric practice – all for different agendas, but wit the same cruel result. Most cultures understand that nature already got it right and there is no need to monkey with what God created in the first place. Leave well enough alone!

  • tairy

Why are people making such a big deal? Most men who were circumcised have no problem in life with it, and men who are uncircumcised also have no problem in life with it. You can get infections being circumcised or uncircumcised, you just never know whats going to happen to anyone. For people saying its better to let them make their own decisions, and do it when they are older, go ahead and do that, although i’ve read some comments on here from men saying they wish their parents had done it when they were babies so they wouldn’t have to have a painful procedure done as an adult. I do have a question I’m curious about, are there any men who are upset at their parents for circumcising them as baby? Anyways, men who are circumcised and men who are not, can all live long happy lives. If you don’t want your child circumcised thats fine, if you do want your child circumcised, thats also fine. Its your choice

  • MOstebo

Only the Jewish and America: The Jewish because of their faith is acceptable and respected, the American Medical Association fail the people of the country by NOT TEACHING how to take care of an un circumcised penis when a baby boy is born. The foreskin is there for a reason ….. to protect the head, removing it makes the head resemble the dead skin on your feet when you do not wear shoes. It also removes 100% of the sensitivity experienced during sex.
The long and the short of this is that it is an easy way out for parents to keep the penis clean and more $$$$$$$$ in the Doctors pockets.
Unfortunately the rest of the world who do not have this barbaric procedure done on their sons who by the way have NO CHOICE look down on Americans for their lack of Education.

  • Johnny

Hmmm, To snip, or not to snip. Well I don’t know, to each his own I suppose. I am snipped, and have been pretty happy in life with my happy place. I think a lot of parents might think something like that is traumatizing, but I mean heck, birth itself is probably pretty rough. I imagine it might be sort of like being abducted by aliens. I mean you are taken from your dark cozy little stomach hammock and right away get smacked on the bottom and start crying, the blinding light is just scary, you get tossed around and laid in a little cubicle with people poking/prodding, shoving things in every orifice. You finally get a little relief once you get that first taste of the biddie, then the next thing you know someone is trying to cut off part of your manhood? I’m sure it was just plain brutal, but since I have no recollection, it hasn’t caused me to have PTSD or any other psychological problems in life. Guess it’s just a matter of preference. I have had 4 boys and they were all snipped. One thing about it though is if you are going to do it, best to do it asap so as to group it with the rest of the trauma and get it all over with. Oh, and DEFINITELY want to make sure the doc is pretty well experienced. You don’t want your kids to go through life looking like a French beret. Or a sideways football helmet. The standard forward facing Spaniard helmet is generally what you want to achieve if you choose to snip the tip.