Dentists Offices…A Place to contract HIV or Hepatitis?

My mother was alway over particular in my option, especially when it came to blood, medical facilities, and
germs in general. I had to get my ears pierced at a doctors office instead of Clair’s to give you an inkling.
Too, we switched dentists countless times because of what I thought was her irrational fear for HIV and
However, as I have grown older and wiser I see that maybe she was not so far off base with her
concerns…especially after reading an article in which police allegedly found that a dentist in Colorado
reused syringes and needles. The Colorado DPH sent letters to 8,000 of this dentist’s patients alerting
them to their possible exposure to HIV and Hepatitis, and urged them to get tested.
It is sad and scary to me to think we live in a world where there are jerks out there who feel they are above
the rules and regulations set by the CDC, WHO, and state health departments. Most often these criminals
will be caught, but unfortunately it is too late for some of the patients that have already been exposed.
My advice to anyone is be aware of the protocols at dentists’ offices. I know my dentist has a sealed
package of tools for each cleaning, she always puts on new gloves when she comes into my area, etc. etc.,
and if you feel that proper protocol is not being followed, trust your gut and find new dentist and consider
getting yourself tested.