Do You Really Want to Play This Game?

If you’re having unprotected sex and/or making out with a partner and you haven’t both been tested for STDs already…statistics say you are putting your health (as well as your partner’s health) in a game of Russian Roulette. I saw this great article on Yahoo Health – so I thought I would pass it along.

So before making out, look or even ask your partner (don’t feel embarrassed – we’re talking about your future here – and besides…if your partner gets all defensive about it, then that just might give you a clue) about his/her symptoms – i.e. cold sores, rashes, genital sores, frequent headaches/fever (those are some of the easy signs to notice). Others are not so easy and/or don’t even show which is why it is so important to get checked. Yes, it kind-of ruins the romantic moment, but are you really willing to “play the game” and sacrifice one carefree weekend or even one night for an STD? And to keep things simple and convenient, we make getting checked easy – just click here. Then make sure you are protected – use condoms when having sex.