Doctor Found Guilty of Murder From Hep C

A former doctor and endoscopy clinic owner was convicted of second-degree murder, in a 2007 hepatitis C outbreak. He faces possible life in prison, and why? Because of unsafe injections practices, in which at least nine people, and possibly as many as 105 people, contracted hepatitis C. Health officials issued an advisory that led to 63,000 patients to get tested for potentially fatal blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis and HIV.

It was alleged that the former doctor and one of his nurses recklessly and negligently reused syringes and vials of general anesthetic propofol during procedures where speed was emphasized over patient safety. The hep C contamination is believed to have come from two different source patients on two different dates in 2007. The tainted anesthetic was then injected into other patients on those dates.

Not only did this happen in the one place you think you should be immune from such a tragedy. It happened on multiple occasions and was not just a one time occurrence. So it is definitely not a bad idea to be tested for such diseases on a regular basis.