Female Condoms

Well after reading my colleague’s post regarding “Condoms for Women,” I’ll have to say I was intrigued. I have been wanting to get of birth control for a while now, but my husband doesn’t like condoms and we are not ready for kids. However, the alternatives are not good. There are diaphragms, but they are clunky, messy, and I got repeated UTI’s when using one. Then there are IUDs, but they do not provide any protection from STDs and are not easily inserted unless you have already had children (which I have not).

I have heard about female condoms before, but never quite understood how they worked, but was willing to give it a try. And, Eric, you are right.  Once you get past the fact that you have just inserted what seems like a giant sack into your vagina, you cannot tell it is there.

The best part is that is similar to the male condom in terms of protecting against STDs so women now have a choice when it comes to protecting themselves. They are more expensive than male condoms, but I found the best price here (after clicking the link scroll down to the left under Top 5 Condoms).