Hepatits B Vaccine linked to Neurological Disorders and some Deaths

Vaccinations have gotten some good press in the past but recently have led many to wonder whether they are safe or not. From the large number of miscarriages after the H1N1 vaccine was pushed on pregnant women, to questions as to whether vaccines could cause autism, people have begun to question their safety. It used to be that only the “fringe” people that were questioning the safety of these vaccines but more recently it has become extremely mainstream. 

Hepatitis B has been in the news lately as some start to question the validity of vaccinating newborns. It has been given to newborns since it was mandated in 1991. Since thin it has also had its possible side effects updated from a basic fever to possible death. Although death is listed as rarely happening with this vaccine on the CDC website, rare is never actually defined as a specific percentage. Several cases of infant deaths after vaccination have people question as to the validity of the vaccine at all.

Hepatitis B Vaccine is now given to babies after birth. According to the website thinktwice.com “. . in the US, the Hepatitis B disease mainly infects intravenous drug users, homosexuals, prostitutes and promiscuous heterosexuals. The disease is transmitted by blood, through sex or dirty needles. How could a newborn baby possibly get Hepatitis B if the mother was screened and tested negative, as my wife was? It is almost impossible. Unless a newborn child is having unprotected sex or sharing needles with an infected junkie, it is extremely unlikely to get the Hepatitis B disease. So then why are most U.S. babies inoculated at birth by their hospital or pediatrician with the Hepatitis B vaccine? That is a question every parent should ask before getting this vaccination. I’ve discovered the answer is an unrestrained health bureaucracy decided it couldn’t get junkies, gays, prostitutes and promiscuous heterosexuals to take the Hepatitis B vaccine so they mandated that all babies must be vaccinated at birth. Drug companies such as Merck (reaching for new markets) were instrumental in pushing government scientists to adopt an at-birth Hepatitis B vaccination policy, although the vaccine was never tested in newborns and no vaccines had ever been mandated at birth before. It is widely recognized that newborns have underdeveloped immune systems, which can be overwhelmed or shocked.”

While it is important to get tested for Hepatitis B if you fall in to the main risk groups of Hepatitis B, vaccination is now being called into question. Educate yourself as those around you may have anterior motives or may just not know the truth.