Herpes 101

If you’ve had a cold sore, you probably have Herpes. However this is just one type of the virus which is called HSV-1 or more commonly known as Oral Herpes. It can be contracted by kissing, hand to body contact, oral sex and good ole’ fashioned sex. So yes, though its commonly known as Oral Herpes – that doesn’t mean you can’t get Genital HSV-1.  The other type of Herpes is HSV-2 or known as Genital Herpes. It can cause itching or burning on your genitals, buttocks and painful urination. It’s normally contracted through sexual intercourse. But yes, though it’s commonly known as Genital Herpes – Oral HSV-2 is in fact possible (though much rarer than Genital HSV-1).

Either way both are (unfortunately) incurable at present time, but at least they are manageable. Here is a really great article giving you great advice and insight about these guys as well as the STD fact sheet from the CDC – so you can get more of the basics. And if you feel you haven’t taken the appropriate steps for safe sex and/or are showing symptoms, please get tested for STDs. You can do so here. It’s simple, convenient and confidential.