Herpes vs Jock Itch

Guys – ever worry about the itch down below and whether or not it may be something more serious or in fact just a rash? Well, it just so happens in a recent Men’s Health article they had some self-tests which included this:

Jock itch, or herpes?

Self-test: Scratch the inflamed area. If skin flakes off, or if the area becomes warmer and itchier after a sweaty workout, you probably have jock itch, says Adnan Nasir, M.D., MH‘s dermatology advisor. Jock itch also worsens over time. By contrast, a herpes outbreak looks like a cluster of red bumps capped with clear blisters. Plus, the area will clear up between outbreaks.

Follow-up: Jock itch typically stays in the folds of your skin and can be treated with an over-the-counter cream such as Lamisil. Herpes can spread around any area of your genitals, and while medication can prevent outbreaks, there is no cure. See your doctor and talk to your partner.


Here is the full article. And I would add, if you don’t have a doctor who you see regularly (or perhaps are embarrassed to go to the doctor’s office for something like this) go get yourself tested for STDs at a local lab. And you can set that up right here.