HIV and AIDS Awareness 2010

December 1st was World Aids Day. 20 years ago getting diagnosed with HIV meant a certain death sentence. Now people are living with aids for many years even decades. With all of the modern medications and future potential cure we may soon see a day when AIDS is but a sad page in history.

Stopping the spread of HIV is crucial. HIV can spread from person to person through bodily fluid contact. Using a condomn in every sexual encounter is crucial. With individual responsibility through prevention and annual HIV testing we can slow the spread of HIV. With help from the scientific community we will find a cure.

This is an incredible time to be alive as the modern day advances are extending our lives, curing diseases, and improving our standard of living. Being careful is key, but getting tested annually is just as important. Sometimes unforseen circumstances occur and you should always make sure you and the people you are intimate with are protected. Make sure to get your Annual Test Panel every year like you would a regular checkup at the doctor. If you think you have recently been exposed to a sexual disease make sure to get the Recent Exposure Panel. Our tests are very affordable, can be taken the same day, and you get your results in just a few days. Peace of mind is worth so much more.