How The Clap Got it’s Name

The Clap is a nickname for Gonorrhea. There are multiple theories on how it became to be known as the Clap. One idea is that it received the nickname off of the term “clapier” which is French for brothel. This is believed to be the main reason that the Clap has its name. The “clap” was extremely common in the brothels in the 14th century. This is where and when it was believed to originate.

Another possible theory is based on the way that Gonorrhea used to be treated. It was quite a torturous treatment. The urban legend comes from treatment of the clap that required slamming a heavy object on the penis of the infected in order to remove the entire puss from the penis. This second theory of how the name is widely believed but less likely to be accurate.

Whichever way the clap came to be known as the clap, one thing is obvious it is something you want to be treated for as soon as you are infected. Make sure to get tested early and often.