It Only Takes Once

As it turns out…it only takes one time. One time unprotected or not knowing could put you at risk for an STD. It doesn’t matter how long you waited to have your first sexual intercourse…or how soon…or how nice the person you slept with is – one “good time” is all it takes. And that’s scary. So that means (for me personally), those few times with one of my four girlfriends when we decided not to use a condom or one of my one-night stands and I could have been exposed to something. And because I wasn’t taught about such things as STD’s back when I was younger (in a real serious manner anyway), it really never dawned on me the consequences of what “one time” without a condom could possible lead to. I mean, I remember back when I was 15 in Health class, going over some of the basics during ‘Sex Ed’, and the teacher just kind-of reading through the material not really putting any emphasis on one thing or the other. And besides, we really thought of STD’s as something only adults got and us kids couldn’t get them unless we slept with an adult. We pretty much just spent class time making fun of it all.

So if you’re reading this and are not 30 years old or older, then you need to hear me out. I was lucky. STD’s have always been around – it’s not like they just sprung up out of nowhere. And they are on the rise because of the lack of common knowledge about them. Parents and teachers are still embarrassed or whatever to talk about them with you and to this day I have yet to have seen one single PSA on network TV about any STD. There are plenty of sexual product commercials like for K-Y stimulants and what-not but not one 30 second PSA or whatever about; How having unprotected sex can put you at risk for contracting an STD. It boggles my mind!?! It’s like our government wants us to contract them? And if that’s the case, well…don’t give them the satisfaction. Most of you “kids” have access to the internet – use it to help keep your body as healthy as it can be. Research and know what the different symptoms of the different STD’s are. Purchase condoms and use them if you are engaging in sexual intercourse. And if you are a devout Catholic like I am, no more mental conflicts – it seems the Pope is finally ‘on board’ now too. Our world is changing. Who knows? You could be the one to teach your parents something! Talk to them and give them the basics. Then talk about your sex life with your partner and ask your parents about getting tested. And if you are an adult reading this – use the internet to research and talk to your kids (if you have any) about the importance of using protection and getting tested. Then why not also get tested yourselves. If you are like me, it’s never really crossed your mind. I finally got tested a few months ago – I’m 35 – and very, very lucky that my results came back negative. It’s worth having that kind-of relief.  Plus it’s fast, it’s affordable and it’s confidential. Just click here to get started.