It’s not easy…being “Sheen”


Well, with the news conveying what the rumors have been saying for a while now…Charlie Sheen’s now direct admittance of having HIV really doesn’t come as a shock considering his lifestyle choices. What does however, is that he was diagnosed with the disease four years ago!

Was he waiting for the housing market to bounce back? The super blood moon? A brighter concentration of The Northern Lights? We may never know why he (or more to the point) his PR team waited four years and paid out so much money to keep this behind closed doors, but it’s done now and it’s out there. What will follow I’m sure will be a heightened insight on HIV/AIDS throughout all the worldwide news venues, more interviews with him and his partners and possibly a lawsuit or 2 or 3 or 4 come against him. But what makes this all so curious, is the timing of it all.

If a celebrity cannot be open to something like this right away…someone especially who lives & breathes publicity like he did…that creates a scary thought:  How many “everyday Joe’s & Jane’s” out there continue to lie not only to themselves but to their partners about their true status? Then even worse, how many of the sexually active out there have HIV and yet have never tested themselves or have not tested HIV the correct way? (Note: correct meaning these DIY HIV home kits testing your saliva still leave much room for inconsistencies and providing false negatives – going to your primary care doc or a private medical Laboratory for definitive testing like for instance an HIV RNA screening test is the best). Either way, while medication has certainly improved in the last decade keeping this virus from killing you quickly, it still eventually does earlier than if you had never had it. HIV is something not to be messed with or to take a gamble on – yet it’s growing faster than we can say: Sexual Education.

With ALL the resources and information out there, you think the spread of HIV would be on the decline – it’s not. In fact, it’s continuing to rise year after year. Apparently a lot of people want to learn the hard way. Don’t be one of them – use protection i.e. condoms, dental dams, don’t have multiple partners, if using needles do not share and Get Tested / screened for STD’s / HIV regularly. As we know, people lie and/or don’t share the truth most of time when it’s something that’s not a positive aspect in their lives and/or when they do it’s many months or even years after the fact as we’ve just witness from the man who was “winning” it all.

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