It’s Valentine’s Day:

Coming up with different ways to surprise or just celebrate with your partner today is always a challenge. Do I buy chocolates, do I write a poem or just get a card, should I get some jewelry, should I clean the house, and the list goes on and on. This is the one day that the nation gets to celebrate “love” but it just so happens that it’s the one day STD’s love too! So don’t let them ruin our romantic escapades (whatever you end up doing) and our health by forgetting to buy/bring a condom (or two) and/or making sure you and your partner have already been tested for STD’s if your surprise or celebration leads to or is sex. If you haven’t, waiting to have sex is not the end of the world – it may not be the perfect ending to a romantic night – but another day is just around the corner…and it’s worth waiting instead of dealing with the news that you may have contracted an STD.

Be safe, have fun…and if you and your partner(s) need to get checked – just click here to get started.