Lab Error leads to False Positive Results

A lab in Indianapolis has revealed that test results for eight people were false positive for Chlamydia, and was due to cross contamination. These people were told they had Chlamydia, when, in fact, they did not.

This type of problem is rare and the lab in Indianapolis has taken steps to ensure that it will not happen again. However, this can create a host of problems for couples that are in a monogamous relationship. The person testing positive will automatically assume that their partner has been unfaithful when it could just be a lab error.

If you are in a monogamous relationship, but have tested positive for an STD, please consider retesting before it undermines your relationship, especially if your partner denies being unfaithful as it may have been a false positive. offers a wide range of STD testing options at affordable prices, and we have partnered with a national accredited laboratory.  These labs use the most accurate test available and are the same type of STD tests that you would receive at many doctor’s offices and hospitals.