Male Contraceptive to Fight HIV?

Yes you read that correctly, contraceptives are not just for women anymore, according to an article featured on The best part about this male contraceptive is that by preventing the release of semen, you are theoretically preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. The contraceptive, “clean sheets” pill works in the following mechanism. The pill relaxes the longitudinal muscles of the penial duct system while still permitting the circular muscles to contract. The circular muscles have a sphincter –like result on the longitudinal ones and clamp down on the tubes carrying sperm and semen. All fluid is stopped prior to ejaculation, where sperm and semen remain until the body naturally recycles them. The articles claims “you get the all the feel good with none of the mess.”

My first thought is why this contraceptive wasn’t created years ago and why isn’t it gracing us with its presence on the pharmaceutical market. The answer to this question was briefly addressed in the article and said it was because most funding for pharmaceuticals is for female contraceptives and not male. The funding is practically non-existent. If the pill can do what it claims to, then funding for prevention of HIV could technically be used for the testing and market production of this drug. A pill such as this seems too good to be true but I would think that it is definitely worth looking into in the long run. In the near future, I hope to see drugs similar to the “clean sheets” pill out on the market to not only prevent conception but to also prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The most important thing for people to acknowledge when looking into this form of contraception is that they prevent semen-borne STI/STDs, NOT ALL of them so protection and/or annual STD testing is still encouraged.