Middle Aged Men and Sexual Health

Middle aged men need not be ashamed or embarrassed by admitting they are sexual beings and enjoy sexual acts. However, when returning to the dating pool after a divorce or death, they should be concerned about sexual health.

Social networking sites and internet dating have given people the opportunity to meet new and interesting people in same town or from around the world.  This can be a blessing in terms of finding a companion, unless that companion has an STD.

It is important to remember that STDs such as HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia are not just infections that affect young people. New evidence suggests that people over age 50 are acquiring STDs at a faster pace than their younger peers. The good news is  that the number of people receiving screenings continues to rise, but the proportion of men receiving STD screening remains low. TestMeSTD.com hopes to help rectify this.