New Medications Show Promise for Treating Hep C

New drugs that treat diseases are like a dime a dozen in today’s world – but recent news suggests that this is more of a breakthrough. A new pill that has not only treated Hepatitis C (HCV) but has eliminated the virus in some cases and is setting the stage for more progress. For the full story click here.

Hepatitis C is usually not transmitted through sexual intercourse but can happen especially when you have more than one sexual partner. Hep C is instead transmitted by blood to blood contact. Most people who are infected do not even know it. They have no symptoms and are living normal everyday lives. Some symptoms though that may be present are nausea, fatigue, headaches, loss of appetite and abdominal pain. So you can see why most would not associate themselves with having HCV. Some high risk factors are having multiple sex partners, using drugs intravenously, and getting tattoos or body piercings. If you are concerned that you may have HCV, or possibly another STD, click here.