Oral Sex Does Not Equal Safe Sex

Oral sex. Giving head. Blow job. There are many ways to describe this affectionate action that is very popular because most intelligent people realize you cannot get pregnant from such act which is a main concern among the sexually active. So when sex partners opt for this physical contact they are dodging the risk of pregnancy but diving head first, no pun intended, into a STD danger zone.

It was brought to my attention after reading a riveting article in Rolling Stones magazine that opened my eyes in regards to this popular sexual activity and I think that it is relevant with the topic at hand. The articles states that a new strain of Gonorrhea is on the loose and besides being drug-resistant, it is nearly unstoppable because prevention and treatment are nonexistent.  The unfortunate fact about gonorrhea is even though it is a milder STD, long term damage such as sterility, increased HIV risk, and blindness in newborns can occur if not treated in a timely fashion.  After reading this, I became slightly terrified because my first thought was how many other sexually transmitted diseases have strains that are drug-resistant that are not commonly known about yet. Mostly everyone knows that there is risk for STD exposure when having sexual intercourse, but a common misconception or overlook is that you avoid contact by having oral sex and this is far from the truth.

So before engaging in oral sex, be aware of the potential risk you are putting yourself in, as well as your partner. When in doubt, talk it out. This sounds incredibly cheesy and frightening but it is better to be embarrassed than hosting an alpha strain of Gonorrhea in your mouth.

Source: Rolling Stones Magazine, October 25, 2012, page 43.