Outlook is Good For First Non-Suppressive HIV Drug

Recently published clinical trial results are showing drug-induced mutations in HIV can be manipulated and increased causing a decrease in viral load when administering KP-1461. The drug is being developed by Koronis Pharmaceuticals, and they are planning additional trials to establish the duration of time required for treatment to achieve a meaningful decreases in viral loads.

Currently, the only approved treatments for HIV use suppressive therapy, and require lifelong administration to continually suppress the virus.  If sustained reductions in viral loads can be demonstrated in future trials, KP-1461 could become the first clinically-demonstrated non-suppressive drug to treat HIV.  In addition, it appears to be well tolerated according to the 80+ patients who have received it.

The paper was recently published and appears in the January 14, 2011 PLoS One Journal. (access here)

Koronis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.