Planning Ahead: Marriage and STD’s

Planning ahead is Not always easy but, more often than not, it IS better to do…vacation, marriage, work, doctor appointments, school, family visits…and the list could go on and on. I just finished reading an article about couples who are now paying for their own weddings. Wow! Now that’s really planning ahead! And it makes sense too if you think about it. Things like having everything set up the way you want i.e. the place, location, not inviting OR inviting certain people, picking out your own music, cake, flowers, invitations, etc, etc  all without putting up with the “advice” from the parents and/or family members who DID pay for it and/or the worries of upsetting them because you actually wanted something else than they envisioned.

Your wedding IS a special day after all and why not have everything the way you want…right? Just don’t forget one item that many couples so often do.  A lot of times, and I’m writing this from my own personal experience as well, many couples forget about paying for an STD test beforehand. I was lucky though that me and my wife (well, fiancée at the time) were married at a tropical location outside of the U.S. where it was actually required to have our blood drawn and tested for STDs to proceed. Otherwise, we didn’t really think about it nor even talked about it. There’s so much planning and organizing for a wedding…it can get a bit overwhelming…especially for a tropical destination one so I doubt that we ever would have. Plus, we were already living together so we didn’t think we needed an STD test.

But as the old saying goes…“anything IS possible” and who knows if she slept with someone else before we got married and who’s to say I didn’t either…right? We see it in movies ALL the time, the wild bachelor/bachelorette party in Vegas and the “hangover” night! Movies do often imitate real life situations…though I’ve never heard of anyone waking up with a tiger in their bathroom! But unfortunately, even in serious dramas, most movies always leave out the real-life STD scares and burdens. There are, in fact, many STDs that are passed without people knowing. Some STDs do not even show any symptoms in many people and that is why they are passed so easily.

So, my advice (and this is whether you are planning to get married or not) is to plan ahead and make an STD screening part of your list of to-dos. It can only save you from heartache and pain later down the road.