Pregnancy and STDs

Adding a pregnancy test when you test for STDs, if you are a woman, is very important. If you believe you may have an STD you have a chance of passing it on to your child in many cases. STDs in children are very bad as their immune system is more fragile.  It can be compromised with many of the diseases that they come into contact with as children.  It is best to know as quickly as possible if you are pregnant, so that you may seek medical supervision during the entire pregnancy.  There are also many treatments that are available for pregnant women if you have contracted an STD.

Furthermore, if you have had an STD in the past that is not flaring up at the moment, it is best to contact your physician immediately when you become pregnant.  The laboratory pregnancy test we offer is your best bet to assure that you are pregnant.  The sooner the better so that you try and prevent passing on the STD to an unborn child.  Don’t delay.  Get tested today!