Prostitutes and STDs

lingerie female prostitutionJust a brief glance at some of the headlines from a simple Google search yields:  “Friend got Nasty STD from hooker”, “Husband Sued Over Hooker STDs”, “STD Warning—Increased Linked to Prostitutes”.  However, is it really the case that prostitutes are festering pools of disease and you are guaranteed to get at least one STD after paying someone to have sex with you?  Maybe…maybe not.

There are a lot of variables to consider such as “are you using protection?” or “did you pick your hooker up in an alley…as opposed to calling an escort service?”  The fact is that most prostitutes these days are at least somewhat educated on the importance of using protection, which is good for the prostitute consumers out there.

In fact, one statistic I found said that only 3-5% of STDs are prostitution related, but no source was listed.  On the contrary, another article from the Bluefield Daily Telegraph states that health officials have seen a significant increase in STD cases and are attributing the problem to the “region’s rampant prostitution problem.”

Either way, paying for sex, is classified as a risky behavior.  This is mostly due to the fact that prostitutes have multiple sexual partners, and some use IV drugs.  So moral of the story is:  I would not recommend paying for sex, but if you do make sure to use protection and get tested regularly.