I just read an article titled “The Most Dangerous Thing You’ll Do All Day” and was actually expecting it to be smoking or drugs or jumping off a cliff or even unprotected sex with multiple partners or something pretty obvious. But it turns out (through this study anyway) that it’s sitting. Really? Sitting? Check out the study for yourself and you can be the judge, but I think their title is a bit drastic. For my purposes, I will have to go with having unprotected sex with partners that have STD’s as the most dangerous thing you can do all day. Now, this is assuming that you are not married and have not been tested for STD’s recently.

It’s pretty simple to avoid though. First, you can be honest and ask/tell your partners to wear a condom, Second, don’t engage in sexual activity while showing symptoms and third, get tested. This is highly recommended because you may not even know that you have an STD (as some may not ever show symptoms) but still can transmit them to others. Click here to get started – it’s simple, convenient and confidential – and you can even do it standing up.