Risk of Hepatitis C from Your Mani/Pedi (Part 2)

Well, I did not sleep well last night. In fact, I had to take a take a half of an Ambien, and I hate Ambien. It makes me feel dizzy and groggy the day after. But last night is was either take the Ambien or lay awake all night thinking that I might have contracted Hepatitis C (HCV) from a mani/pedi.

So, as soon as I was able to drag my drugged self from bed, I ordered a Hepatitis C Test. I know, I knowI said I was going to order the panel, but I spoke with my mom and she told me that I had the Hepatitis B (HBV) vaccination when I was in high school so I should be in the clear for HBV. And Hepatitis A is transmitted through feces, and I pray that the mani/pedi tools were never exposed to poop. Regardless, I ordered the test, and was able have my blood drawn today, and I should have the results tomorrow.

Keep in mind, I have insurance and a primary care physician (PCP), but I chose to order my test online for 4 reasons. 1. Speed. I would have had to wait at least a week to get an appointment with my PCP, and taking Ambien for a week was not an option. 2. Control. My PCP has been reluctant to order tests for me in the past, and since I have no symptoms she may have denied me today. 3. Cost. Even with insurance, the doctor’s office visit would have been a $40 co pay and I only had to spend $29 to order the HCV test. 4. Convenience. I was able to go to the Patient Service Center on my own time–no appointment necessary.

As promised, I will continue to research the topic of HCV transmission through manicures and pedicures, and post my findings as well as my test results.

Happy Holidays to all!