Safe Sexting?

Is there even such a thing? I was watching the TV series “Community” last night and it did come to mind. Jeff found Britta’s cell phone and saw that a text came through and so he started ‘sexting’ back to her supposed new boyfriend. Well it ended up being her nephew – and that was just a small subplot to that episode. But that got me thinking and so I looked into it further. It seems sexting can get you into a lot of trouble now-a-days – especially if you live in Illinois. The Illinois State Senate has unanimously passed a bill that makes sexting illegal! Though the fine print states illegal if you also pass along and share nude photographs.

Either way, I’m sure this is just the beginning. Just like with REAL sex in this day and age – we have to be careful with what we do. What you think may be a practical joke could leave you or some else embarrassed and/or scared for life. Just like having unprotected sex with different people because you didn’t have any condoms and where drunk or whatever…could leave you and/or you partner with an STD.

So practice safe sexting and sex out there guys and gals!