Sex is Great! Afterwards…Maybe Not so Much.

Ever have great sex!?! Ever regret it afterwards? Imagine finding out (weeks, even months) later that you contracted an STD from that ‘great sex’ moment! The regret is then often compounded and unfortunately…it’s happening a lot (whether you want to believe it or not). So what is one to do?

Get Tested. “Well, which test(s) should I even get?” you ask. Thankfully, you don’t need me to tell you – this article; Which Tests Should You Get and Why comes straight from the professionals in this field.

If you find it is too embarrassing and/or to revealing to go see your family doctor, you can visit for convenient and confidential testing and results…with or without health insurance. It has never been easier to choose your own tests/set up your own appointment/and get your confidential results.