STD Dating Website

First there were sites like Match and eHarmony for singles seeking other singles based on similar profiles. After popularity of these sites arose, sites were developed for specific groups like Christian Mingle and Farmers Only. Now there is a website dedicated to singles with positive sexually transmitted diseases, Positive Singes. I find it sad that there are so many people infected with such diseases; however the website eliminates the awkward conversation so many people dread having and prevents further spread of the incurable diseases. With 20 million new infections reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention every year, these persons can now easily find other singles infected with their same disease. The website works like most dating websites by filling out gender, age, location, as well as what infection the seeking single has contracted. A drop down menu offers a variety of the most common sexually transmitted diseases, in which the single person can choose from and add to their profile.

As intriguing as this website is, I would never want to have to result in using a website of this kind to go on a date or meet the love of my life. This website should not only act as a solution for some, but just another reason for others to proceed with caution when engaging in sexual intercourse. There are some sexually transmitted infections if left untreated can lead to long term complications, also affecting one’s future. With all of this said, be smart by using a condom when engaging in any type of sexual intercourse and get routinely checked for STDs. Whenever you think this may be inconvenient or a hassle, just think you are saving yourself finding Prince Charming on a dating website that matched you primarily on which STD you both have contracted.