STDs – Yep, there is an App for That

apps for datingThough, it’s not the kind of app you are thinking of. Have you heard of Tinder? Grindr? Ok Cupid? Recon? Hinge? Of course you have – they are some of the most popular dating sites/apps that allow you to pick a person and chat away to an eventual ‘hook-up’ – aka sex. You may not use those apps yourself but there’s a good bet you do know at least one person that does. Guess what, they are part of a growing trend that is not going to die down anytime soon – faster, easier, fun sex. Unfortunately most people using these sites are more concerned with the fun part of it all and not the consequence part. Yep, STDs are on the rise again and I say again because an official study was already done about this time last year. It’s all pointing to the ease and willingness of everyone using these simple programs.

You really think the owners of those apps are concerned with your personal health? No way. They are making money and that’s all that matters. And it’ s ironic (and almost comical too if STDs were not so serious) that one of the more popular one has a slogan; “Any swipe can change your life.” umm, hello marketing people…not a one of you has been through an STD scare?…seriously? If you haven’t heard, Herpes and HIV are for life – there are still no cures. That is exactly why it is up to you to protect yourself. If your profile is up on one of these sites and you are ‘hooking-up’ on a regular basis with new people, you need to make sure you also get STD screened regularly too. There are so many things that can be passed from one person to the next and just a condom alone may not protect you completely.

Sure spending your time going through profiles and picking out the “perfect” body for a date/sex is fun, but be prepared to deal with symptoms like genital sores, redness, itching, burning discharge or worse if the fun part is ALL you are concerned with. Plus, even if you do ask the appropriate questions about STDs and the other person’s history on these apps (and not to burst your bubble) but people lie, especially to have sex. Be safe out there no matter what app you are using and regularly get tested.