Superbug Gonorrhea May be a Global Health Threat

Gonorrhea used to be believed to be easily treatable with antibiotics. However, in Japan, scientists have found a significant stand of gonorrhea that does not appear to be treatable by antibiotics and is being characterized as a “superbug”. “Superbugs” are bacterial infections that cannot be treated by typical antibiotic treatments. Gonorrhea once thought to be easily treatable may quickly morph into a global health threat.

In the United States, the CDC estimates that the number of new cases each year is around 700,000. With the “superbug” now on the move from Japan and across the globe, serious concerns are being raised about how it can be contained. Expectations are that the new “superbug” could spread worldwide within a decade or two.

It is more important than ever to get tested for gonorrhea. After treatment, you should get retested to ensure that gonorrhea has been cured. Otherwise you may need to go back in for further treatment. Current treatments required taking multiple antibiotics simultaneously in order to cure the “superbug” version of gonorrhea.