Chicago, IL–Getting tested for STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) is now more convenient for everyone. TestMeSTD.com offers quality testing at affordable prices, and makes STD screening as private, confidential, and convenient as possible so that more people can have access to quality screening services.

Eliminating the stigma associated with contracting STDs would be ideal, but the first step is to make STD screening readily available for all. TestMeSTD.com helps to accomplish this by offing people the privacy, confidentiality and convenience they desire. A trip to the doctor’s office is not required for the screening services and insurance companies are never notified. In addition, local test facilities or Patient Service Centers (PSCs) cater to all kinds of screening needs which helps eliminate the stigma associated with STD testing. In addition, results are obtained through a secure link sent via email to the address that the customer provides.

TestMeSTD.com recently launched in July, 2010. The team believes that STD screening process can be streamlined so that it is efficient and affordable. Their motto is, “You can take charge of your own sexual health by selecting the test(s) that pertain to your specific need(s) and then set up a screening based around your schedule at a PSC that is convenient for you.”

All in all, TestMeSTD.com is a valuable tool for your sexual health concerns. They provide increased awareness of sexual health issues, unparalleled sexual health knowledge, use of the most affordable and convenient methods for STD screening services, as well as unmatched customer service. It is now easier than ever before to get STD screening tests with this total package. TestMeSTD.com’s team believes that taking charge of one’s sexual health is an important step in reducing the spread of STDs.

The services they offer are aimed at reducing the spread of STDs by providing convenient and affordable STD screening services.  If there is anyone who is in need of STD screening services please do not hesitate to forward this on to them.

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Telephone: 800-805-3602 ext. 106

Email: rebecca@testmehealth.com