The Gift You Cannot Return

It has been reported that after the Holiday break there is an increase in the number of college students seeking to be tested for STDs. The reason you ask? Alcohol. Alcohol lowers inhibitions. The sound judgment you would normally use is gone, replaced by feeling of lust and excitement.  “Condoms” you say? “Who needs them when you are drunk?” is the attitude too many people exhibit after having a few too many rounds.    Unfortunately, you run the risk of acquiring a “gift” or “gifts” you cannot return.

The majority of cases seen tend to be Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, which can be cured with a round of Antibiotics and Herpes, which is a lifelong viral infection that can only be suppressed by medication.  In my opinion, when you choose to get tested, select a panel of tests just to be sure you are covering your bases, as many STD do not present with any symptoms.