“The Only Thing We Have to Fear…”

“is Fear itself.” Spoken by one of our greatest President’s ever – Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) during The Great Depression. Not that having an STD is anything comparable to what took place then…or the Recession now, but why live in fear of STD’s? If you take the proper actions, then you will not have anything to “fear” about. Like my colleague said, “Getting tested annually is one of the most proactive ways to protect yourself and your future partners.” If you are worried that your partner is cheating on you and/or lying to you, then ask him or her to get tested as well. You can do so right here. In the meantime, either refrain from sexual activity and/or make sure you are using condoms and not engaging in sexually activity with partners displaying symptoms. To find out about STD’s and their symptoms just click here. It’s easy to stop the spread of STD’s and the fears associated with them – this Recession we are in on the other hand, well…let’s see what our current President can do.