UK Awareness Campaign Slows Threat of Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea

resistance of gonorrheaGonorrhea is one of the most common STDs out there. In the UK, there were over 25,000 new infections in 2012. For many years gonorrhea has been thought of as easy to cure, but recently researchers have identified the real threat of a widespread drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea.

Cexfixime and ceftriaxone are the last two antibiotics known to effectively treat gonorrhea. But there have been some cases where the oral form (cexfixime) didn’t cure the infection, which has caused many health officials around the world to worry.

In response, the UK launched a Gonorrhea Resistance Action Plan that set out to educate healthcare professionals and policy-makers. They recommended that doctors use the injectable version of the drug (ceftriaxone) instead of the oral. This was meant to stop the widespread exposure of the cexfixime-resistant strain.

This proactive approach has proven successful so far. Though it is important to note that this is only a temporary fix since it is likely that gonorrhea with become fully resistant to both forms of the drug.

This means the search for a different treatment is vital as is protecting yourself against the chances of contracting gonorrhea. For protection, it is recommended that you use condoms and get tested on a regular basis.