We Are So Close, Yet So Very Far Away

Yes, we are close enough to where our grand kids (if you’re middle aged) might be born into a world where HIV is just as common place as Herpes and most importantly…no one dies. But yet somehow, we are still light-years away from a breakthrough. That’s been the tragic case with HIV/AIDS all along – it came in fast and it came in strong. Not only striking through sexual secretions, but transferring anytime there was infected blood to good blood. So now everyday things like sex, getting a tattoo or piercing, giving blood, using needles, pregnancy all have come with risks of transmitting or picking up the virus. And for children born to HIV-infected mothers – well, they never had a fighting chance.

The world is fighting now, but the number of infections still climb. As David Ernesto Munar stated in his recent article: An AIDS-free generation; “We stand at the precipice of the AIDS-free dream but we’re stuck.”

So let’s get unstuck and do what is right – use condoms, get tested regularly, stay educated on how HIV spreads, and if you can donate time and/or money to help stop/slow down the infection rate and hopefully one day find a cure.