Why Safe Sex Should Be Part of Your New Years Resolution

New Year’s Celebration this year, like Christmas, is during the first part of the “daily grind” Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm work week. This gives many of us the opportunity for an extended weekend and to plan for the upcoming year and, of course, to party!!!

With all of the planning and of ALL of the resolutions that will go through our minds, that will subsequently then be tweeted, retweeted and retweeted again, then posted on Facebook and then shared, written in diary’s and promises to one’s self and partners throughout the world – I write and wonder how many will include:  I Will/Want To Practice Safe Sex This Year.

I feel that number will be low…if not, in fact, zero. I have researched the web and have been looking at normal everyday lists of New Year’s Resolutions from past to present and NOT ONE of them has nor have had anything involving safe sex.  The only one I have found that remotely comes close (from hours of research AND not from a site that is suggesting that you buy one of their sex products/toys) is a worksheet that some teachers have put together simply called:  New Year’s Resolutions For Teens. In it, it states; I will be careful about whom I choose to date, and always treat the other person with respect and without coercion or violence.


This is for teenagers for crying out loud! Man oh man, if this was only touted around for the majority us adults – what a different world we would live in today. The statement doesn’t even specifically mention the practice of safe sex, but you can easily imply that though some common sense (which we adults have also seemed to have forgotten about when it comes to sex) in the part where it states, “and always treat the other person with respect and without coercion…”

Do I really need to break that down any further? I’ll just give you the definition of coercion and an example sentence of it that is used many times…especially from guys. Coercion: the act of being coerced (I really hate the dictionary) Coerced: to bring about through the use of force or other forms of compulsion, intimidation; to dominate or control especially by exploiting fear, anxiety.

“If you don’t want to have sex with me, then I don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore.”

It’s as simple as that and goes downhill from there. In a world of technology, and the knowledge that is at the fingertips of anyone with Internet access (which is almost everyone, at least, here in the States anyway) my question is Why? Why, instead, do we have lists like this:


If 20-Somethings ever needed a good resolution to make it would be: Practice Safe Sex. Instead we get:  Think before you Tweet!?! (really!?!) and stuff like:  Please stop liking the Kardashians… (which is funny…I actually think they are both good). Are they an important and a preventative way to stray from potential deadly viruses and diseases though!?! (only if you’re liking AND sleeping with one of the Kardashians I suppose…haha).

My point, I suppose, is…when will our society change? It may never. With our government pushing us closer and closer to the proverbial Fiscal Cliff and another recession looming over our heads – we humans tend to react instead of acting in a preventative nature. I mean, think about it, that’s WHY we have New Year’s Resolutions to begin with. They are everything that we should have been doing in the first place: Eating healthy, not drinking too much, saving money, trying new and adventurous things, meeting new people, stop smoking, learning a new language, having safe sex…

Work, stress, peer pressure and the lack of common sense tend to get in the way of it all though and that is why we take time to reflect and try to come up with new ways to invigorate ourselves for another new year. It makes sense – I get it – it’s just somewhat sad if you think about it. Kind-of like coming up with and enforcing new laws and regulations when it’s way too late and people have already been hurt/killed – the damage is already done. It’s not to say we can’t do better, but we certainly could have been more preventative in a lot of things, which brings me back to why safe sex should be part of your New Year’s resolutions:

1.  It’s so easy and simple – using and wearing condoms correctly significantly cuts down the spread of STDs. Not only are condoms cheap (guys) and easy to purchase – girls now possess options for female condoms that are becoming more and more popular and easy to use.

2.  It prevents you from worry, stress and health problems. STDs are growing at a phenomenal rate and can be the cause of not only break-ups in relationships but a slew of health issues as well…all of which could have been easily avoided.

3.  It keeps you honest and could lead to a long lasting healthy relationship. Talking about sex and STDs isn’t easy or comfortable, I agree, but it does need to happen. All it takes is sharing the last time you were tested for STDs and then the conversation can move from there.

No one ever said, “Life is Easy”, but we can certainly make life easier by being honest first to ourselves and then to our partners. Sex is fun (as it should be) and another New Year’s celebration is a great way to have fun, but just remember to be safe (and think before you Tweet and stop liking the Kardashians…haha). Eliminating the “drunk” factor is a good case in point. This one is especially tough around New Year’s – that is why it is important to be among friends – go out with a group, have a DD (Designated Driver), and/or just don’t drink as much…or even all of the above.

No one wants to start a new year off by getting tested for an STD just because you got too drunk and were having such a good time that you didn’t care/forget to put on a condom or didn’t ask about whether or not the person you had just had sex with had an STD either and now you both are showing symptoms. Testmestd.com is here for you though…in case it does.